We offer an exquisite range of food ingredients and snack base improvers for external and internal applications.

Texture & Flavor Improver #1

For Internal dough application to improve snack texture such as crispiness, good expansion and shelf-life. It enhances flavors and tastes to snack bases. Recommended dosage - 1% in dough.

Texture & Flavor Improver #2

For Internal dough application when big expansion type of snack base is desired. It also creates imp-art aromatic flavors to snacks and noodle cake applications.

Texture & Flavor Improver #4

For Internal noodle cake application, which aims to improve the overall texture and mouth feel of the noodle. Recommended dosage - 1%.

Texture & Flavor Improver #5

Vegetarian version of Texture & Flavor Improver #1. Recommended dosage - 1%

Texture & Flavor Improver # 8

Potato snacks are very popular around the world and that’s why manufacture has never stop creating and supporting the growing markets globally.

With main ingredient containing mostly of Potato Flakes, high processing cost have forced manufacturer to substitute it with starches that resulted a lost in the potato taste & aroma making it less appealing to consumers.

N.P. Foods have taken up this challenge and succeeded our development in providing our client with a more profitable base recipe.

Introducing our newly developed Texture & Flavor Improver # 8, created to give a product base with nice potato taste & aroma even without using any Potato flakes.

By adding only 1% of our Texture & Flavor Improver # 8, Potato Flake can be totally replaced with other cheaper raw material such as Wheat Flour & Starches without suffering the consequences of losing the unique appealing flavor of the potato taste & aroma.

This innovative texture & Flavor Improver # 8 will provide our customer the real opportunity to face the fierce competition and sell their products at the price the market will bear without eroding much of the company’s margins leaving them space for revenue growth.