Caribbean BBQ Seasoning


NP Foods is proud to present our December creation, Caribbean BBQ Seasoning.

Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of Africa , Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European East Indian / South Asian, Persian, Arab, Chinese and Javanese / Indonesian Cuisine. Using the rare mix of spices from all around the world, Caribeancuisine usually have a very unique and addictive taste to it. In recents years, we can see how carribean cuisine has gain recognition from all around the world. The franchise restaurant “Nandos” is one of the good example of such. I believe you can easily find Nandosin your region.

The increase of popularity, has sparked NP Foods to develop a Caribbean style seasonings. Our R&D team has gain success in ,mimicking the uniqueness of such flavour by using Spices and Flavours from different parts of the world. If you are looking for something unique and NEW for your consumer,this interesting flavour, Caribbean BBQ, is sure to spark the interest of your customer.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for your upcoming projects. Our Research and Development team from Japan and Singapore will be glad to assist you.
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