Cheesy Galbi Seasoning


NP Foods is proud to present you with our June creation, Cheesy Galbi Seasoning.

Cheesy Galbi, is a trendy new food now. I believe most have heard of Galbi, a tradition Korean cuisine, in short it is basically "Grilled Beef Short Ribs" marinate with Korean BBQ sauce. As globalization take places, we can see that there is more and more fusion of traditional dish with westernize ingredient . And Cheesy Galbi is one of those success story. Now Cheesy Galbi can be easily found in your nearby Korean Restaurant.

Seeing this trend. NP Foods R&D Team have developed this unique seasoning, capturing the meatiness of Falbi and cheesiness of melted mozzarella cheese. This is definitely, one of those "New" seasoning that will attract the younger audience in your market.

So please don't hesitate to contact us for your upcoming projects. Our Research and Development team from Japan and Singapore will be glad to assist you.
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