Chicken Rice Seasoning


NP Food is proud to present our May creation, Chicken Rice Seasoning.

Chicken rice, considered one of Singapore’s national dishes, excels because of its simplicity; poached chicken on white rice, served with soy sauce and chilli garlic dip. The recipe and techniques to make chicken rice came to Singapore through a mix of Hainanese and Cantonese cultures. Starting in Hainan, a small island off southern China, the original version was made with Wengchang chickens (smaller and bonier than regular chickens). The meat was served over rice, coated with a thick layer of oil, and accompanied by a tray of chilli sauce, ginger and a garlic-infused oyster sauce. With the Cantonese influence, the recipe evolved to use white cut chickens, which are more tender.

N.P Food have successfully created a Chicken Rice seasoning. Mimicking the fragrance of the rice and the meatiness back-note of the chicken. This Interesting Seasoning, Have not been in the market yet. So do not hesitate to be the First., to create a snack base on one of Singapore favorite dish.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us for your upcoming projects. Our Research and Development team from Japan and Singapore will be glad to assist you.
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