Creamy Chicken Stew Seasoning


NP Food is proud to present you with our New Year creation, Creamy Chicken Stew Seasoning.

A simple yet delicious dish to cook. Chicken Stew is widely cooked and served in different part of the world, as it does not require fanciful ingredients. By cooking everything in the stew, It extracts the aroma and fragrance of the different ingredient toss in, giving the stew a sweet and savory mouthfeel. This filling and delicious dish undeniably a well recognize dish around the world.

Using our own ingredients and knowledges, NP Food created our own chicken stew, infuse with our own secret recipes. This seasoning is both sweet, savory and aromatic. If you are looking for a new chicken profile to go along with your snacks. Creamy Chicken Stew Seasoning is definitely something you can try. It goes extremely well with potato and wheat base pellets.

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