Mala Seasoning


NP Foods is proud to present you with our January creation, Mala Seasoning.

The term málà is a combination of two Chinese characters: "numbing" (麻) and "spicy (hot)" (辣), which can be attributed to the sensation typically felt after consuming mala. This popular Chinese sauce is oily, spicy, and usually includes sichuan pepper.

Mala contains a copious amount of garlic - which could be the reason for its fame, as Singaporeans are known to love their garlic. There is little to no numbness due to the minute amount of peppercorn. One cannot deny that Mala is extremely fragrant and delicious dish.

A good mala xiang guo, to us, is not only numbing and spicy, it should also be aromatic (xiang 香). The spice should only be part of the flavor, and you should be able to taste the integrity of the ingredients. These are the criteria that we judge a good rendition.

So please don't hesitate to contact us for your upcoming projects. Our Research and Development team from Japan and Singapore will be glad to assist you!
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