Sour Cream and Zaatar Seasoning


NP Foods is proud to present you with our October creation, Sour Cream and Zaatar Seasoning.

When it comes to Middle Eastern cooking, the spice blend cherished and craved above all others is undoubtedly Za'atar—also spelled Zaa'tar, Zaatar, and Zatar—which is not only an ingredient, but a cultural icon in and of itself.

Though this aromatic spice blend has been around for ages, the recent surge in popularity of Mediterranean foods and flavors has sent the demand for this bold blend through the roof. And as the spice grows in popularity in mainstream culture, it's gearing up to become the next everything bagel seasoning: sprinkled on just about everything by just about everyone to make dishes instantly ten-times tastier.

After much refine from our R&D team, NP Foods, have successfully created an authentic zaatar taste, and turn it into a seasoning!
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