Our teams of food technologists who have a wealth of ideas, knowledge, expertise and materials in every specific area on the development of raw materials just for our ingredients usage. We have formulations, process methods and market expertise that would enable you, with the aid of these raw material ingredients, to enhance and improve your products.

Coated Roasted Garlic Powder

Aromatic Roasted Garlic Profile

This product is pure Coated Roast Garlic Powder with no filler added. They are made from selective superior strains of Garlic and undergone respective roasting processes with optimum conditions to obtain the ultimate aromatic roast garlic profile. They can be used to improve or flavored the desired Roast Garlic Aroma and taste profiles in food products respectively.

Coated Roasted Onion Powder

Aromatic Roasted Onion Profile

Specially coated Natural Pure Roasted Onion Powder, made from selective superior strains of onion processed under good manufacturing practices with optimum conditions, to achieve the aromatic roasted profile. This Roasted Onion Powder imparts distinctive Roasted Onion aroma and taste profile in food products.

Roast Onion Oil

This Roast Onion Oil has a very pleasant and fragrant Roasted Onion aroma, which is made from carefully selected and picked onions. It is used as aromatic food flavoring when roasted onion flavor is desired.

Roast Shrimp Powder

Our Roast Shrimp Powder is produced from fine selections of fresh shrimps. Further processing and enhancement give a sharp and pleasant Roasted Shrimp characteristics, under our factory's good manufacturing practices. This 100% pure Roast Shrimp Powder boosts the roasted shrimp aroma which provides distinctive quality products. This ingredient could be applied internally for prawn crackers or any other snack productions in place of fresh shrimp.

NP2 Flavoured Oil

A revolutionary development from our R&D team. A few drops of this oil can change or enhance the flavour of your noodle soup or even your seasoning. Currently we have flavours such as Curry, Tom Yum, Chicken and Seafood.


Liquid Extract

Shrimp Extract has a unique strong shrimp aroma made from good quality fresh shrimps and further processed into Liquid Shrimp Extract. It imparts its pleasant shrimp flavor and taste to food products. Use internally for dough in snack production for it original strong shrimp profile. Apply in conjunction with Roasted Shrimp Powder to provide an optimum shrimp snack products.

Chicken Extract has a rich and wholesome Chicken Aroma and taste extracted from high quality fresh Chicken. It carry a distinctive chicken flavor when use in dough for snack pellets and instant noodle. Alternatively also functions as a masking agent for wheat flour or any off-flavor from other in dough ingredients.

Shrimp Oil

Our Shrimp Oil has a sharp and pleasant fresh shrimp aroma made from wholesome fresh shrimps. It rich fresh shrimp aromatic characteristics aim as a flavor booster in food products where pleasant shrimp aroma is desired.

Jelly Powder

With our in-depth knowledge and expertise of using agricultural materials, we have created and formulated our own Jelly Powder for various food industry products. Our Jelly Powder is a mixture of both Caragenan and Konjac Powder, Caragenan is extracted from Seaweed or Algae, there is low in Calorific value. N.P has study and formulated the right strength and texture that make suitable for Jelly and Jelly Drink uses.

Our capabilities in Jelly Powder development, with our own researches and studies of the characteristics on all Jelly products in Asia Market. We have succeeded by using our Jelly Powder, originated from vegetable that could create a type of following agent similar to oil in water emulsions.

Therefore, with its viscosity it could be used as gelling agent in some product for syrup coating.